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Our Trainers

Anthony King

My name is Anthony King. I have been in the industry almost 18 years. 15 as a Personal Trainer. I own and run a studio in Bulleen called Healthy Vibes. I love what I do and am passionate and helping people live a quality healthy life.

Over the years I've worked in gyms as  a Gym Instructor and PT. Studied numerous courses over the years as in Sports Kinesiology, Boxing, Spin Instructor, Outdoor Bootcamps to name a few.

Aside from running and doing pt at the studio I'm the strength and conditioning coach for a VAFA football team and next year will be running a lot of the junior clubs pre season sessions as I'm passionate about building good communities. I also train a intellectually disabled man once a week who lives in a DHS supported house which I love doing.

I'm a holistic trainer. I believe not only in good nutrition but sound strong self esteem towards our insides and bodies.  Good emotive health. 


Adam Taylor

I joined the Australian Army as an Infantryman in 1998 and was qualified as 
a personal trainer in 2008. I realised my passion for health and fitness 
spanned further than fitness itself, as throughout my military career I 
witnessed many injuries that could have been prevented through 

In my civilian career as a personal trainer and strength and conditioning 
coach I bring my passion to create a strong and prosperous team 
environment to the workplace.

I’ve developed a fitter and stronger football team, trained soldiers both new 
and veterans, but my passion sits firmly in helping individuals achieve their 
life goals.

Through a comprehensive postural screening your aches and pains will 
disappear, you will start to move with ease and life will become more 

Train to enhance your life, and enjoy it.